It All Starts With Understanding The Foundation

It can be hard to create high-performance React applications without having a firm understanding of the foundations. In this book you'll create your own version of React that will give you a deep insight into the performance of React itself.

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Foundations of High-Performance React

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About the Book

React performance can be a mystery. When your app performance degrades it isn't always clear where to look or how to fix the issue. Foundations of High-Performance React Applications is a mini-book exploring what makes React itself behave the way it does. Armed with this knowledge you will be better equipped to build your own high-performance React applications and correctly diagnose bottlenecks.

Beyond diagnosing bottlenecks, this book teaches the fundamentals of how React renders. By the end of the book you will not only know exactly how React works internally but you’ll also have a deep understanding of how to build React applications that take full advantage of the strengths of the React architecture.

The book takes you through the process of creating your own “mini” version of React that is based on the same heuristic algorithms React is. You will not only learn how React renders but be able to see it demonstrated in the included source code.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction
  4. Components of React
  5. Markup in JavaScript: JSX
  6. Getting Ready to Render with createElement
  7. Render: Putting Elements on the Screen
  8. Reconciliation, or How React Diffs
  9. Fibers: Splitting up Render
  10. Putting it all together
  11. Conclusion

“I might be new to React but it was entertaining and clearly communicated.”

Andrew H.

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Foundations of High-Performance React

$11.99 suggested (min $0.50)

DRM-free Kindle, ePub, & PDF downloads.

About the Author

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Thomas Hintz has been a web developer for two decades and has been in the software industry for 13 years as an engineer and engineering manager. Creator of the 3L Operating System, a Lisp Compiler, web server, web sockets library, and much more.

Author of wildly popular essays like “Work When You Feel Like It”, creator of the fastest websockets server library, and serial speaker at bay-area software events.